Is There An Activation Fee For Roku – The Answer Is NO

OMG, I’ve had a few comments that people were paying an activation fee to use their Roku Device. I own a Roku device and I never paid an activation fee to use my device.

Roku device allows your television to stream movies and TV shows through the Internet. If you think about your tablet or smart phone, you have apps that you can download. That’s is the same thing that Roku does except their apps are mainly for television.

Yes, you purchase the device, but after that, the only payments required to use your Roku are the apps that require a fee. There are free apps that you can download, but there are apps that charge a fee such as Netflix as an example.

I Personally Called To Confirm

I want everyone to know that there is NO!!! Activation fee to use any Roku devices Please do not give out any credit info over the phone.

If you have to speak to a rep regarding your Roku service, call this number 408-556-9391 and a recording will give you the proper number to contact customer service at Roku.

Here is where you can report to Roku about any fraud charges!

The safest rout to take is to not give out any of your credit info over the phone, your best bet is to just say no!

When you are in the activation process of setting up your Roku device, there is a verification number to activate your device.

Roku displays a verification number on your TV when you are going through the activation process.

Within that activation process, Roku will explain the website address that you will need to go to.

You are supposed to enter these numbers into the website in order to activate your device. There is NO activation FEE.

I even asked the rep straight up, is there an activation fee of $100 or any amount of money.

The Rep told me no.

If people were to create a Roku account and wanted to add their credit info, there may be a $1 or less fee and that fee would be reimbursed.

The reason why Roku does this is to verify that you are the owner of that credit account you entered.

The way it works is that Roku will charge a fee, like let say 50 cents and you would verify the exact amount that Roku charged into your preferred credit account.

Once Verified, Roku will then deposit that money back into your account.

Another note I want to point out is that a lot of sites do this such as PayPal to verify that you are the owner of that particular financial insinuation’s account that you prefer to use.

Other than that, there is no $10, $20, $50, $100 activation fee to use Roku. There is no activation fee AT ALL

Again, please do not pay an activation fee to use Roku!!!

Did I tell you enough times that there Is NO Activation fee to use Roku? If I didn’t, I will do it again, Lol.

What Is Going On?

Mainly what is happening is that people are going to websites that are created by scammers that replicate Roku’s website.

These scammers lie and say that there is an activation fee or try to get other info such as…

  • SSN
  • Credit info
  • Date of Birth
  • Passwords
  • Email Addresses
  • Get Access to your computer
  • They even claim they offer support for Roku.

If for any reason you are having difficulty setting up your account, your best bet is to call this number ( 1-888-600-7658) and have a rep help you activate your Roku device.

I Personally Don’t Recommend

This is my personal preference and I will say it. I personally didn’t feel comfortable adding my credit info into my Roku account.

That’s why I blogged about creating a Roku account without using your credit info.

If you prefer…

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • any other app services that charge a fee

I would recommend you go to their website and set up your payment info there. You are able to download the preferred app that you like to use into your Roku device.

Once you download your preferred app, all you have to do is enter your username or email address and password. Once you do that, you are able to use the app that you prefer without entering any credit info on the television.

Roku Is Aware Of The Scam

On Roku’s website, they are very aware of what is going on. There are a number of fraudulent support sites and you can read about it on Roku’s website.

If you were a victim of such scam, the very first thing that you should do is report it to your credit institution.

Let them know exactly what happened and hopefully, they are able to stop the charges or even reverse the charges.

I also recommend reporting the incident to Roku.

Why Does This Bother Me

I’m upset about this because there are so many scams online. Good companies that offer great services to people can be tainted because of a scam.

Being able to do business online is a convenience for a lot of us. I’ve been around before the Internet started and I feel that the Internet is a great way to get things done that doesn’t require a lot of running around.

No, I’m not lazy, but convenience is great. Not only that, services that allow us to save money is a great thing.

Unfortunately, what comes with good bad is always right behind. Getting the word out about these scam does help. So please again if you are a victim of this crime, please report it to Roku and don’t forget to contact your credit company as well.


Doesn’t it feel like once we let our guard down, we have to put it up again? It seems like scams are getting more sophisticated and it just doesn’t seem to end.

People sit behind these screens and can even pollute what seems so simple such as even our emails being compromised.

Anytime credit info is required, it’s best to do your research first. It’s not a bad idea to say can I get back to you and do your research first before giving out your credit info.

I’ve seen so many different types of Internet scams online and it’s quite sad that people get taken all the time from different schemes.

Anyhow, if you have any questions or comments about this Roku cyber crime (no I’m not going to be polite and call it something else, such as third party website, please!) feel free to let me know below. Please stay safe!


  1. I purchased a Smart TV and went to activate it today and the phone number I was given to call they told me I had to activate an account with charges from 89.00 up to 189.00 depending on which level I chose. I took the TV back to Best Buy got my money back, they (Best Buy Salesman) said I was being scammed for extended warranty cost not activation, which the lady never told me that part. I don’t want anything to do with people that try to scam you out of money. I will stick with my cable tv.

    1. Hey Barbara, I’m sorry that happened. The best advice that I can give you is that, when Roku as you to go to a particular website, instead of searching for it on google, type it in. I’m going to update this blog to show people what I’m talking about. I hate to think that Roku is scamming people when they are not. What is happening is that there are websites out there when you search for the address they try to rank for it, causing you to go onto a phishing website. It’s unfortunate that it happens.

  2. Still going strong… my boyfriend and I purchased a Roku express from Walmart…. went home to set it up and the pin wasn’t working so I googled “tech support” and the guy asked us for 99 bucks for three years…. I hung up and did some research and found this site… THANKS FOR KEEPING ME FROM BEING SCAMMED!! Maybe I should have purchased a fire stick ??‍♀️

    1. Hey Gretta, I’m glad you researched too. My friend got a Roku for her TV and I helped her activate it. If you look on your TV screen when you activate your Roku, it says, Roku does not charge for customer service.

      I think you made a great choice by purchasing Roku because you are able to download a lot of apps. This fee scam things can damper Roku and I wish they would address it better, however, despite that irritating problem, Roku does an excellent job with their devices.

      I hope you enjoy your new Roku device, Evelyn.

    2. The same thing happened to me, I was told there was a one time set up/activation key of 69.00, I hung up and Googled and landed here, thank you for the info, saved me money.

  3. there are a number of secure browsers that can be downloaded. I use TOR and AVAST. The browsers do not save information, no cookies or identifying info.

    1. Hey Robert, Isn’t TOR browser that onion thing? Isn’t it very underground? If anyone wants to use the TOR browser, I would recommend researching and learning about it first. As for Avast, I find that to be okay. Thanks for the tips, Evelyn.

  4. I was told to pay $100.00 fee for a year then offered two years if I was a student. I given a personal number and ext. to call back when ready. I and very confused and upset what to do with my new Tony device.

    1. Hey Bridgett, yeah the also say for discount for seniors and all kinds of things to get people to pay money to them. You best bet is to rest your device and when time to activate, use another browser, see if that helps.

  5. Bought my streaming stick today. Scammers demanded $100 activation fee. Roku PLEASE resolve this problem ASAP or continue to lose customers, Chromecast replacement works just fine!

  6. I am looking at buying a Roku and while reading some of the reviews a person mentioned the $100 fee. Thanks for doing the legwork on this. I didn’t want to buy it and find out later I have to pay a fee or be unaware that it’s a scam if someone asks me to pay.

    Again thanks

  7. I bought another roku device that supposed to be stronger than the original. I was also asked for 100.00 for a lifetime of activations. I told him I already had 2 TVs without activation.

  8. I just want everyone to know that the scam is still going strong. I unfortunately got duped just yesterday. Called credit card immediately and they told me to call back on Saturday to file a dispute. Shows up as a charge but they haven’t processed it as of yet. Now have to contact Netflix cause I cancelled my credit card. Still trying to get with Roku but chat was taking forever online so I’ll try again tomorrow.

    1. Hey Bernadette, I think you took the correct steps regarding calling your bank. As for your Roku set up, I would try another browser and see if you get the same scam popping up.

  9. I called the number on the screen and the wanted $100.00. I told them I didn’t have it. They then said “How about $50.00. What the h@## is going on. I just want it to work. What kind of scam are you running.

    1. Hey Louie, I’m going to remove that number right now, I do not want people to get the impression that I’m scamming people. At one time number worked, now for some reason the number no longer is Roku’s number.

      I would suggest to try another browser and see if you can go through the proper procedures to set up your Roku device.

      I’m so sorry you went though all that just to set up your Roku device, I feel you and it shouldn’t be that hard.

  10. I’m still having problems. Every number I have found to call is trying to charge me a ridiculous amount of money. Can someone please help out to find the correct number?

    1. Hey Kesha, I would suggest you run a virus scan on your computer before you set up your Roku device. It appears that Roku has taken out their phone number. It could be because so many people are getting the same ridiculous scam charges. Roku also has support videos that could help you set up your account. I hope this helps if it doesn’t feel free to come back so we can get you streaming.

  11. hii i am a technical support professional for roku. and yes there are the activation charges for that includes 50,70, 100 dollars. i can help you over here u can ping me directly over here i dont want our customers to get scammed by someone scammers.

    1. David, I can’t believe you have the audacity to leave such a comment. Do you think it’s funny to dupe people out of their hard earn money? Obviously you don’t care because why should you, if you can leave such a comment you are probably laughing reading my response, but I get it, some people just don’t have a conscience and don’t care, good luck with your life.

      To the people who are reading this comment, I published this comment so you can see how people just don’t give a damn!

  12. Thanks for this information!! I moved to Tennessee from California and bought a new Roku stick as we left ours there. During the activation process, a chat came up asking for money to pay for upgrading and technicians would be involved. I never did this before. The fee they asked for was $69.95 I never had to pay anything before and most of the channels we watched are free. My wife googled to find out if anything has changed and your website explained it all. I had been using my iPhone for the setup, so I used my computer instead. They did have a place for a credit card but also left room to bypass it. Using the computer to activate worked and was much easier. Thanks again for taking the time to help us all not be SCAMMED!!

    1. Hey Gary, You’re very welcome, I noticed that more or less the comments I get regarding this problem are people who already have a Roku device and know that there is no activation fee. This is so concerning because there are so many people out there who may believe the lie. I will do a little more digging regarding this problem. Thanks for leaving your comment it really helps people. Blessings to you!

    2. I just went thru a setup session and a chat came up with Vincent requesting the same $69 as a software upgrade fee. I closed out immediately and changed my sign in codes. Now I’m afraid to try to link up my Roku again.

  13. So almost all of you say this numbers a scam don’t call, this numbers a scam don’t call but not one person posted a good phone number to get a hold of a real person to help with this.

    I called 888-600-7658 and that disconnected me immediately.

    I called 408-556-9391 and that referred me to 1-919-323-3030 which then referred me to the correct Roku website.

    However there is still not a phone number on the site to call to help me set it up.

    Let me say I did not even purchase one of these a friend did and they got the *you gotta pay scam* so I was trying to help them out.

    I would be returning this device in a heartbeat as this is to much work to just set it up without getting scammed.

    1. I feel you and understand what you mean. I really hope Roku does more about this because when scams do these types of tactics, it causes the actual company to have a bad rep. Maybe Roku should change the way people set up their devices and not require some sort of credit card device.

      What people should do is, scan their computers clean all cookies before they even attempt to search the net. Thanks for expressing your concerns I hope you get everything sorted out.

  14. bought my first Roku yesterday, pluged it in came up with the activation code on the TV, got an error message when I tried to enter it and called the phone #, they wanted a 50 dollar deposit, I got the phone number off the Roku screen on the tv, tired it a second time and it went right thru and I was up and running.

    1. Hey Chuck, Thanks for sharing your experience, I find quite ridiculous that people are still getting this scam. I’m glad you didn’t pay any money and everything is working according. I’m going to contact Roku and see what else can be done so people are not bothered by this sort of scheme. Enjoy your Roku, Evelyn.

  15. I dusted off my old Roku 3 to test streaming tv services. I could not get the PIN # and called to get some help. Immediately the rep wanted $99 for Roku Premium. This was not the case 2 yrs ago when we got this device.

    He was insistent…I simply told him No! I was able to find my sign in info. Called again and this rep did not mention this fee. The Roku 3 did need to be upgraded…no problem.

    It is hard enough trying to configure these sticks, streaming tv, buying modems, etc. So far, getting good support is difficult. I have encountered bad instructions from many of them. Love that NO is a complete sentence.

    1. Hey Karen, I’m glad you were able to stick with your guns by saying NO! You are absolutely correct that all these gadgets has to be configured and it’s very upsetting when you try to obtain a number for help, you get some scammer trying to dupe people out of money. Thanks for taking the time to let us know your experience, Blessings to you. Evelyn.

  16. I just setup a new TCL Roku TV and it gave me an on-screen code and a number to call for Roku authorization. This number was publshed on the tv screen set-up page. I called and they told me it was a $49 set-up fee since I already had an existing device on an existing account. To have multiple devices registered to one account (which allows you to sync channels, etc. between all devices) I would have to pay. We cancelled and reset the TV to create another 2nd account under wife’s name. It worked. No cost.

  17. I didn’t fall for his $99 one time fee, told him didn’t sound right and hung up but this sure is upsetting. I got the phone # from the site http://www.roku\link right from the TV when I was on code part. Hope roku does something about these scammers, there disgraceful. Hope I have the right # now. Why do they make it so hard to hook it up too. My computer was hacked also by another scammer who said my Microsoft license expired and $50 to get it back. Be careful out there.

    1. Hey Louise, I’m so glad you didn’t fall for it. The number I posted on my site is not working any longer. I wish Roku would make it easier for people to set up their account without having to put any credit info. I’m also sorry that your computer was hacked, the best suggest I could give you is to run Malwarebytes and clean your cookies with CCleaner. Thanks for the warning we all appreciate you taking the time to leave your story, Evelyn.

    2. Same thing happened with me yesterday and they were trying to hit me up for $149.00. I told them that I thought they were lying to me which made them very angry. I already have 2 Rokus and they tried to tell me that you can only have 2 with no activation fee. I told them then I was taking it back to the store and getting something else. They told that there were no other devices. I told him there was nothing on their website saying you had to pay for more than 2 devices. He said that I wouldn’t find it there because it is just something they don’t put out there. I contacted Roku through their live chat today and was told they were scamming me. That I could indeed have more than 2 without paying an activation fee and gave me the support number if I had any trouble getting the 3rd one installed. The number was completely different than the scammer’s number. I got it installed easily today without needing support to help. I changed my password on my account and I believe that is why it worked this time. I made the scammer so mad on the phone that he hung up on me. 🙂

    3. Hey Janice, you asked some great questions to the scammers and their excuses were just comical, It’s a shame that we have to deal with this mess. Appreciate you taking the time to leave an informative comment, Blessings to you Janice! 🙂

  18. Hello, I have a Roku box. I just want to let everyone that has a Roku box older model or a newer model, there is no activation fee to set up your box and there is no monthly or yearly fee… please don’t call this number 1 855-293 0942 because this number is scam….

    My Roku wasn’t working properly so searched for Roku customer service number and the 1 855-293 0942 is the the number I called and spoke to someone who claimed to be technical support and he told me the reason my Roku wasn’t working is because I didn’t pay the activation fee.

    He told me that starting in 2017 Roku is changing a activation fee… for 1 year it would be $149 dollars and $200 dollars for a lifetime…

    I thank God I didn’t pay and went back on the Internet and found the right customer service number and they told helped me fix the problem and told me that they don’t charge no activation fee at all or monthly or yearly. He said that number is a scam…

    Again, please don’t call 1 855-293-0942 it is absolutely a scam. Right now I am trying to find out how to report these people…

    P.S. here is the real customer service number 1 888-600-7658.


    1. Ms Davis, Thanks so much for letting us know what you experience. wish you the best, Evelyn.

    2. I don’t get asked to pay but roku won’t accept my. Odd as they say my computer has viruses etc. they want me to pay Microsoft cleanup at more than $300. I just took the roku back and got a refund

    3. Hey Carolyn, that is a scam, how would roku know that you have a virus. There has been a number of these types of scams going on on the news. cnn Please do not pay anyone to remove anything. Your best defense is to always back up your computer and run your own virus scan, there two pretty good services out there that are free and that is malwarebytes and you can use ccleaner.

    4. Thank u so much ,same kind of person told me it was an activation fee to use roku thank u so much I didn’t think u had to pay.

    5. I just called the 1 888 600 7658 and charged me a 100 to setup my account, Called right back and told them it was only suppose to be 1 dollar and cancelled it was told I would get my money back in 3 days, Ask what was the 100 fee for told for lifetime something. hell naw give me my money Told them I will be reporting this number, Received a call from 1 877 365 0252 another Roku rep. Can someone please give the correct information to setup my Roku accounting.

    6. Hey Lashun, I’m so sorry about your experience apparently there is just some crazy stuff going on online. Call your bank and let them know you did not authorize for this charge, let them know about everything that happen and demand your bank to reverse the charges. Once you purchase your Roku devise, you should not be charged for any setup fee EVER! Again I’m sorry about your experience. Call this number here 408-556-9391 it should direct you to the proper number. All the best to you, Evelyn

    7. I googled for roku activation and there are a lot of web sites which I will tell you of my experience. This web page there was a phone number 1-888-748-4777. Stay away and do not call THIS IS A SCAM, FRAUD SITE ROKU. When I called asked about activation the guy said there is a $50 fee to pay. I told him stay on the line until I verify this by calling a friend who has Roku. The guy hung up. I called him back asked this guy was there a fee to activate Roku he said yes boy did I let him have it told him I was reporting him (On this message board link to report fraud) that’s exactly what I did. Anytime you’re in doubt always check yourself and never give out any personal info until you’re sure hanging up and find the official site call someone to verify they. He wasn’t about to scam me!

    8. Hey Mrs. Young, I’m so proud of you and thank you so much for adding a comment and giving that guy your piece of mind, you are a pure gem, Blessings to you, Evelyn.

  19. I am so frustrated trying to connect this stick I pd 50.00 no luck stuck at code ready to return it been trying for 2 hrs.

    1. Hey Sandy, at the code part, you have to enter get that info from either your computer or your smart phone.

    1. Hey Christy, you can share my articles by clicking one of the social buttons at the end of my articles. Note: I just added those buttons. Those buttons were not there when you last visited.

  20. Just bought a Roku smart tv. Went to their official page and activated using the code. Was somewhat upset at having to provide a credit card but I’ll probably buy a movie or two down the road so no big deal. Then immediately received a notice of insufficient funds for the activation. I reentered the credit card and continued and the TV is working fine. No charges have hit my account but this tells me that the hack is not an outside website redirect but an internal (on Roku’s site) problem. It also tells me that whoever was trying to charge an activation fee now has my card info. It is my only card and linked to my checking account so presumably I can have all my money taken via Roku’s website at any time from here on out. Roku should probably try to fix this.

    1. Hey Miles, You can contact Roku and have them remove your credit info if you choose to do so. Their number is 1-888-600-7658. Wow, I wonder how much were they trying to charge your account because usually they would confirm your account with a charge no more than a dollar. I know you’re going to keep an eye on your balance, you can also try calling your bank and you may be able to find out who tried to charge your account. Anyhow, I wish Roku would make it a lot easier for people to bypass entering their credit info. I wrote an article about that and a lot of people are not too happy about entering their credit info either. Thanks for letting us know your experience Miles, I hope you enjoy your streaming, I personally love to stream beacause I love to watch lots of movies, Lol. 🙂 Evelyn

    1. Hey Stacy, You should not have to pay any money to enter your code for Roku. There are no fees period. Please make sure you go to the exact web address that Roku instructed you to go to. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, call customers service at 1-888-600-7658 and ask them to help you.

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