About Me

Hello My name is Evelyn and I have two teenagers that loves to watch TV. I myself  like to watch movies as part of my pastime. As a young girl I grew with practically no gadgets. Back then our TV got 3 channels and Saturdays was our cartoon day. Our gadgets was the TV and Radio. Most of the time we played outside and used our imaginations.

As TV evolved I was hooked. I’m not a couch potato by any means, but I do enjoy watching my movies. Now fast forward into today’s time, technology has erupted into something I’d never thought was possible. I’m able to watch stuff on my phone, tablet, computer and yes TV. It’s amazing what we can do now.

Use It To My Advantage

I also enjoy growing with technology. If you use technology to your advantage it can make life a little easier.

I learned this when I had to cut down on my cable bill. Things were just getting too expensive and I had to decided what must stay and what must go. I decided that my internet was more important than my TV so bye bye cable bill.

What I discovered is that I made the right decision. I was able to use the internet to continue watching my favorite movies and TV shows, plus I was able to save money.

I started this site Stream Gadgets because I know there are plenty of people just like myself that enjoy the best of both worlds. Some of these gadgets nowadays are more sophisticated and evolving along with time.

Some of you may want to get rid of your cable completely just like I did, while others may just want to enhance their cable experience.

Stream Gadgets is  mainly about your lifestyle and what is the best product for you.

Again my name is Evelyn and If you have any questions or comments about streaming gadgets, let me know below.