Streaming Apps

There are many streaming apps that you can use for your devices. There are good ones and not so good ones. I’ve come across apps that work and ones that don’t work at all. The biggest problems people face when streaming on their devices is buffering. No one likes it when they are in the middle of their favorite movie or TV show and then all of a sudden buffering kicks in.

I’ve read lots of reviews from app users that experience buffering. Technology is moving forward to make it more pleasing for us users. If you’re experiencing a lot of buffering issues, you may want to look into what kind of internet speed and router you’re using.

A Very Cool App

If you have the need to watch something on your device and don’t know what app to use, you may want to consider downloading an app called Can I Stream It. This free service is pretty cool. What this service does is let you know which shows or movies are available to stream. Can I Stream.It

This is a must app, especially if you are considering cutting the cord. How it works is by signing up for a free account. What you do is type in the TV show or movie that you’re interested in watching in their search bar. CISI will then give you a list of results of the available streaming services that you can use.

If the show or movie is not available, you can request to get notified when it is available. This eliminates the hassle of you searching all over the net to find a particular show or movie.

The list of results that CISI has are usually in places like Netflix, Amazon, Apple and so on. This is a FREE service that I highly recommend.

TV Apps

There is a ton of apps out there, but these apps people seem to have the least amount of problems when they were using them. All apps are not perfect. Companies are working on their services daily to improve the user experience.

I myself want my shows now and want them to work perfectly, but sometimes we just gotta be patient and let these companies do their work.

Here are some of the apps out there that people seem to have the least amount of problems when they watch them on their devices.

yahoo sports Yahoo Sports if you’re into sports, then this is a great app for you. You can find out the latest scores and updates from any sport you enjoy.

I like watching NFL Football and sometimes I’m on the go. When I need to get the latest updates on my team, Yahoo sports is great for that.

pluto tv Pluto TV is a great app that many people enjoy. This app has a variety of entertainment from music to over a 100 TV shows you can watch for free. This app is also great for when you want entertainment on the go.

whatchup Watchup is good if you need to know the latest news events locally. Watchup is one of the best services that you can choose from. This service gives you personalized news locally and internationally. This is a must have app.

hulu Hulu If you’re not into sports or news and just want to watch some good ole movies or TV shows, you may want to consider Hulu app. This app is great to watch TV or movies on the go.


ustream Ustream If you like to interact with people while you’re streaming, then I suggest you try Ustream. This app gives you the option to watch live videos and share videos with others. It’s a great interacting entertainment app.

The Streaming App We All Have

I asked all my friends and family what is their favorite app to stream anything on. Of course, they all said YouTube. They all seem to have the same reasons. They are able to watch clips, videos and pretty much anything at one place. I would be surprised if I met someone who doesn’t know anything about YouTube.


There are a bunch of apps out there. In today’s time, it’s nice to have our gadgets and be able to stream our favorite stuff when we are on the go. I personally like YouTube, I enjoy watching lots of clips of funny things that are available at my fingertips. The new app that I enjoy using is CISI. This fun app will give me updates on the latest movie or TV shows I enjoy watching.

If you have a favorite app that you enjoy streaming your shows or movies on, please feel free to let me know below.