Streaming Tips

I’ve been streaming Movies and TV shows for a while now. I know that streaming can have it’s ups and downs. There are plenty of reasons why someone would experience buffering.

Each gadget, we use, can play a role on why our streaming isn’t fast enough. Sometimes it’s just not you, It can actually be the provider offering their services to you.

One thing I know, if our end is working properly we should experience some pretty good entertainment when we stream.

Technology is always moving forward

The good news about streaming is that technology is always advancing. I remember when streaming was extremely slow. We would have to hit the pause button and wait till the streaming was halfway done before we hit the play button.

If you’re steaming now, you know it’s a lot better today than yesterday. Companies know that we have the need for speed. These companies are giving us new technology faster than we can keep up.

Some of our gadgets may not be compatible to what these new streaming devices offer. I will give you tips on what you can do to make your experience more pleasurable.