Fun Facts About Streaming – The New Normal

There are plenty of reasons why people prefer streaming instead of using a service like cable or satellite. Some people use both. Some haven’t even thought about streaming.

With the internet, people are now finding out the norm is not really the normal.

Some of these facts are what we may call normal. Then, there are few reasons that may not be the norm, but are they? Yeah, we all have some weird habits and shouldn’t be ashamed of them. What is really “normal” anyway?


Save Money

Some people just want to save money. This doesn’t mean they can’t afford
cable or Satellite, but they don’t want to have another expense.

Streaming your shows or movies is cost effective since most people have high-speed internet and at least one TV in their home. A Product like Roku even gives that option for people to stream with an older TVs.

Not having the money for cable or Satellite is nothing to be ashamed of. Many of us go through financial difficulties. The great thing about streaming devices is that you pay a one-time fee for a device.

There are shows you can watch for free and not incur a monthly bill. You do need to have high-speed internet to do this, but this could be a reason why someone may choose to stream.

Too Lazy To Return Videos


Some of us don’t want to go to that Redbox and return those videos we were excited to rent when we left our favorite shopping center. Maybe we were waiting for someone and saw a movie we wanted to see and now we need to return it.

It could be a day that’s really cold and you just don’t want to do it. What causes people to get up and return those Redbox videos is that, if you don’t return it by a certain time, the fees add up.

Streaming helps with that. It’s easy to go to a place like Amazon Prime, choose the movie you want to watch, and when you’re done. there’s nothing to return.


I know we got DVRs for that. Back in the day my children would delete the show I saved. When it was time for me to continue where I left off, I go and look and it’s gone. I’d ask my children, what happen? I usually would get a blank stare and no answers.

My daughter would blame my son. My son being autistic and can’t defend himself wouldn’t even respond to me.  He couldn’t give me an answer, because he doesn’t communicate the same way as “normal” people do. I guess my daughter has an advantage there.

With streaming shows they can’t delete it. The show will be there when I have time to watch it. Now with this problem solved, my daughter can’t blame my son on on this one anyways.


What I mean by entitlements is watching what you want and when. I know we all have a little entitlement in all of us.

The more we can have the option to get what we want and when is something I’m sure we wouldn’t mind taking advantage of.

Of course, we are not going to get the latest episode of our favorite show that hasn’t aired yet, but there is a library of shows and movies we can watch when we want to. Not just what is displayed in our guide button on our remotes.

Lots Of Choices

I know I already talked about entitlements, but there is an endless amount of shows and movies to choose from. It could be a subscription you like to watch from YouTube. It’s all there for you to stream.


We are not talking about drinking here, we are talking about watching a full season in one day. Sometimes we just need to watch every episode to catch up. I’ve done this a few times myself.

I know those days where I get my favorite snacks and kick back and engorged myself on a full season of a show. It’s just a day where I want to just stay at home and enjoy a day of drama on TV.

Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures

We all got those shows we don’t want people to know we watch. It could be a cheesy reality show, a cartoon or a YouTube video.

It even could be one of those bad movies that you don’t want to admit you like. We all have them and don’t want to admit we like them. It’s okay because you’re not alone.


These are some fun facts that people like to stream rather than watch TV or movies on their cable or satellite services.

Lot’s of people are changing how they want to view their TV. The nice part is that people have options. That’s the best fact of them all.

Are there other facts that I missed or can you relate to any of these facts. Please be sure to let us know below.


  1. These fun facts are real. Streaming is the new norm and commercials are no longer wanted by the people. I think this is sad but it is what it is. Now commercials turned into ads online. hehe. What I like about streaming is that we choose what we want to watch and it has no interruptions.

    1. Hey Linda, I totally agree with you. I like to be in control of what I watch and what I pay for and no interruptions is great. Thanks for your thoughts and many blessings, Evelyn.

  2. Man I love this article. A big reason I love technology is because of the ability to finding almost whatever you want online. Also it helps me save a bunch of money from greedy cable companies. I try to tell everyone that streaming is the way of the future. I currently have the firestick with kodi and I try to recommend everyone about it, but for some reason they think it’s a scam. I guess they love wasting money. great article!

    1. Hey Ralph,

      I also like the option to find whatever I want online. I know it sounds a little lazy, but it sure is a time saver expect when you have to sift through a bunch of junk to find what you really are looking for, Lol.

      How can people think streaming is a scam, Lol. You know, the only reason why people may think that the firestick is a scam is because the way Amazon sells their Amazon prime.

      What Amazon does is when people purchase a product from Amazon, people will purchase Amazon Prime to eliminate shipping, then someone gets charge a hundred bucks and it causes someone to feel like they are duped by Amazon and tend to have trust issues with their services.

      I don’t know why Amazon does this, but I feel they should use other avenues to get people to use Amazon Prime. There are a lot of advantages to Amazon Prime besides shipping and one of them is streaming movies and TV shows for a lot less than paying cable.

      Thanks for your comment Ralph, I’m glad you enjoy your streaming, we all know that one day your friends and family will start to stream sooner or later. Cheers to saving some cash. 🙂

  3. Times have really changed, streaming will take over now, no more going to buy movies. Internet TV is the new wave now, it has taken our watching to new extremes, you can watch whatever you want just as your seated in your couch, no more changing DVD’s or wiping off smudges off from CD’s to avoid any scratches when playing your movie or series

    1. Joseph, I’m dying laughing right now because I remember those CD days, especially for my kids. OMG the world end when they couldn’t watch their movie because the CD was scratched, Lol. Oh how the times are changing. Thanks for your wonderful thoughts, enjoy your streaming. Evelyn

  4. Streaming is literally the only way i watching movies now. Haha what’s a DVD again? And o lord if you still have VHS by now then… it’s time to wake up. I like the fact that soooo many movies can be found through various services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. It makes creating a home theater so much fun. So ruined VHS tapes or scratched DVDs.

    1. Hey Will, you’re so funny, I use to have a large collection of DVD’s now they are all gone. My family members use to come to my house like I was the blockbusters, lol, That’s all ended and I’m so happy to have more room because I hate clutter. You are so correct that there is a large collection of movies that people are able to stream and watch. Home theaters are the way to go. Thanks for your wonderful entertaining thoughts. All the best, Evelyn

  5. Oh, my…another guilty pleasure to try! As a technologically challenged sort who also loves old movies and odd documentaries and things that cause the younger generation to cover their eyes in disgust, I am pleased to learn about this streaming thing.

    It is a truth that we all get to feeling entitled to choice and more choice. And here’s one more…

    Thanks, Evelyn….

    1. Hey Netta,

      Yeah, we can still disgust the younger generation and bring back those odd very interesting documentaries that make them cover their eyes with streaming devices, yeah. Oh by the way, what’s one more entitlement, Lol. In today’s time that’s what makes the world go round, eek! 🙂

      I appreciate your thoughts, all the best! Evelyn

  6. Streaming was truthfully what got me through my college years… haha when all we could afford was either cable OR internet… never both. Since we always needed internet to do research and help us communicate, internet was always the choice. During those times, streaming was what allowed me to keep up on shows and movies. I think even now I’m willing to cancel cable as you can pretty much stream live shows and everything else shown in TV. Great article.

    1. Lol, I’m glad you selected the internet instead of TV, Wil. You were able to have the best of both worlds. It’s amazing how streaming has evolved, I watch TV all the time on my phone now. Thanks for sharing your story Wil, All the best to you, 🙂 Evelyn

  7. It’s true that technology is always changing and the way we consume media evolves all the time. I remember the days of 3 broadcast networks, rabbit ears, and having to actually get off of the couch and walk to the TV when you want to change the channel. And that wasn’t really all that long ago when you think of it. Wonder what it’ll look like 25 years from now. I think Streaming will probably be a big part of it.

    1. Hey Mike, I remember Rabbit ears. As for the remote control… for mom, we were her remote control, Lol. She would call us to change the channel for here and to fix the rabbit ears. As for the way technology is moving I feel that streaming will be a big part of it as it is already. Only time will tell what the latest gadget will be.

      I really appreciate your thoughts and wish you the best Mike,


  8. I loved reading your article!
    I have to say I also prefer streaming over nearly everything! What do you use? I like Netflix alright, but I prefer Hulu. I love shows more than anything, something that you can keep watching and continuesly taken on different events and issues. When I’m not using them I’m on YouTube, heh. Awh, the beautiful online world of media 🙂

    1. Hey Michelle, I have Netflix and I must agree I do spend a little too much time on YouTube as well watching some of the most interesting things that I never knew people had the nerve to do, Lol. I must agree in what you said about the beauitiful online world of media, 🙂 I appreciate your comment and thanks for your thoughts, Evelyn.

  9. I never realized how much I stream until reading this article. I always thought of myself as a physical media guy, but now that I think about it, between YouTube, Netflix, and iTunes, I spend way more time watching streams than other formats. I just love binge watching, and not having to worry about changing discs is a huge plus. Great post Evelyn!

    1. Hey Makki,

      I binge watch too, sometimes I just want to relax and catch up on some shows. It seems like nowadays people tend to stream more than ever. Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂 Evelyn

  10. I adore streaming. I avoided renting because 95% of the time I wouldn’t get things back to the store/library in time and would get a pile of fines. It also helps that I don’t mind waiting until a show has completed a season before I watch it. Netflix has some great original programs (Longmire is amazing), and I love that they’re bringing back some of my favorite shows that ended many moons ago.

    You’re absolutely right regarding the guilty pleasures. It’s not that I mind people knowing about what I watch, it’s more that I don’t want them knowing I sat and watched the whole season (or series) in a really short period of time. Yay for binge watching!

    1. Hey Malia,

      You don’t want to know what I’ve binged watched, lol. All I can say is that it was one of those shows that me and my daughter watched. Let’s just say my daughter won and it’s more for children, lol.

      I’ve been through the penalties with the rentals back in the day and boy it can add up if you don’t turn those movies back on their due date. The internet has made it quite easy to watch what we want with no penalties. As for the old shows, they do bring back the memories and they are fun to watch every now and then.

      I really enjoyed reading your comment you are so fun, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Evelyn.

  11. Hello,

    I absolutely love Netflix and you know the best part I like is finding a new season of something and binge watching the whole thing. I wish I could get rid of my cable bill but we have gotten used to having both. I’ve heard a lot of good about Hulu and some bad. What are your thoughts about it? Worth getting?


    1. Hey Anthony, Hulu is pretty much the same as Netflix, if you love Netflix why mess with something you really like. You can check out Hulu’s trial membership first and see if you like that. That way you’re not wasting your money on two services. I hope I answered your question. All the best to you. Evelyn

  12. I am actually a big fan of NetFlix, because its affordable and it has everything that my kids like to watch.It has everything that me and my wife life to watch together also.In our main room of the house we have a Roku 3 attached to the Tv for streaming and in our bedroom my laptop is attached to big screen for watching.

    1. Hey Carlton, I have NetFlix too and find it convenient as well. I agree that it’s an awesome way to select whatever you or your family want to watch. What I really like is that if there is a movie I enjoyed watching, it’s always there for me or my children. Thanks for your thoughts. Evelyn

  13. You’re so right on streaming. Lazy people like me who just wanna save money since we have high speed internets at home.

    Streaming has also taken over DVDs & Cinemas lately for me because of the convenience offered & guess what, I can switch to whatever shows I want at any time (Not the case with Cinema or DVD!)

    1. Hey Lee, DVD’s take up room and now it’s a waste of money. It’s nice to have a movie available whenever you want. I’m really into streaming now and my daughter does it from computer all the time. Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. Evelyn

  14. Thanks for writing this article. It is a very interesting read. I have recently been considering cutting the cord on cable but I am leery of having 10 different remotes for 10 different services. I am also hoping that the traditional cable companies start offering a-la-cart options. Is there a streaming device you’d recomend? Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire?

    1. Hey RJ,

      It’s scary to make changes especially when it comes down to your shows. All of these devices are pretty much the same. It really depends on the brand name you like.

      If you’re into YouTube I would recommend Chromecast. If you have an older TV at home, I suggest Roku. People who are just into the Apple brand should just stick with Apple TV. If someone feels comfortable dealing with Amazon they should go with Amazon Fire.

      If you’re a sports fan, I’m being honest here, I would stick with your cable or satellite service. Some people just gotta watch their games with ease, so if that’s you, you may want to stick with keeping your cord for now.

      You can select a device though as they are pretty portable plus you may have a room that doesn’t get anything so this is nice to have in there. It’s a one time fee if you purchase a device of your choice. They even offer free apps that people can download for the time being.

      I hope I answered your question and wish you the best. Evelyn

  15. Hi, Evelyn

    I have actually got rid of my satellite TV because I now have everything I need on Netflix and for a whole lot cheaper too 😀

    There certainly are a lot of advantages to streaming, and one day I can actually see DVD’s and CD’s becoming a thing ofthe past.

    We have come a long way since videos, but it’s still sad to see a lot of things we grew up with disappearing because they were part of growing up!


    1. Hey Neil,

      I have so many DVD’s and it’s more of wasted space. Anything that eliminates clutter I am for. Lol I agree that we have come a long way since DVD’s even with VCR’s Lol

      Time sure does change, but I think it’s for the better. I really appreciate your thoughts and wish you the best. Evelyn

  16. Love streaming movies and new films but I’m ashamed to say that I don’t go for the paid options ( yeah I’m one of them! ). I have a handful of free sites I use but they do have thier downfalls I’m afriad. I think the main drawback is those awful ads popping up everywhere – some of them are even malware infested! I’ve not heard of Roku before – may look into that if it’s safe!

    1. Hey Chris, Roku has some free channels you can check out but the movies are pretty old. It’s mainly a streaming device for your Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus or someone’s favorite steaming services. You’re correct about streaming for free. There are some legal issues with that but, lots of people do it anyway. You’re also right about the drawbacks about the malware and ads popping up. This is why lots of people go to places like Netflix because it’s really not that expensive to use and people are not risking the malware, popups, and legal issues that comes with streaming for free.

  17. Streaming is the way to go!
    Netflix is like my best friend every night. After a stressful day it’s so nice to watch one of my favorite shows, or 6. It can be quiet addicting, especially when I can turn off my laptop then lay down watching it on my phone haha.
    It definitely saves a lot of money though!

    1. Hey Gina, you like to binge watch too, Lol. I like to catch up with my shows too and I have Netflix too. Streaming does save people a lot of money and you can select what you want to watch when you want to. Thanks for your thoughts and wish you the best. Evelyn

  18. Great article. Apple TV has some good streaming features albeit you have to have access to subscriptions. It helped me cut down on having to pay for an extra cable box since the monthly cost would have been an extra $15. It paid for itself in 3 months and I have access to most of the channels I watch anyway.

    1. Hey Laura, that’s great that you found something that can save you money. Streaming is not for everyone, but if it fits your needs and you’re happy with it, that’s what matters. The icing on the cake is that you’re saving a ton of money. I appreciate your thoughts. Evelyn

  19. I am definitely guilty of taking advantage of streaming entertainment for the aspects of binge watching! Also my sister and several others I know have dropped cable television subscriptions in favor of online streaming services. I’m pretty close to doing that myself.

    Regarding movie streaming vendors, who is your favorite?

    1. Hey Dave,

      caught you on the binge watching, Lol. I like to snack while I’m watching a whole season of a show I like. I personally like Netflix, but I may try Amazon Prime and see how that one works. Thanks for your thoughts Dave. Evelyn

  20. Hi
    Great post
    Being a London boy and amazon lover I am with Netflix and Amazon…but now I’m living in Mauritius neither work! Im so annoyed…if i try to watch a movie it says I cannot due to location…but i still pay the fees…
    any suggestions for watching movies on a laptop in Mauritius ?

    1. Hey Holistic JB,

      You may want to try Hulu. Try their free site first and see what happens. I also would suggest using something like Hola, It’s a free service that you can try. I believe a lot of people use this service when Amazon or Netflix is blocked. I hope this helps. Wish you the best. Evelyn

  21. Hi

    I live in the uk and use netflix and amazon prime. A lot cheaper than a Full sky tv package..

    Recently though we have realised that we have run out of the movies to watch. We find some on youtube.

    We have been told about a product called Kodi , but on researching it seems it might not be legal to use

    Could you shed some light on it?


    1. Hey Tim,

      From what I understand about Kodi, it’s legal to use. I believe the problem is how people use Kodi that can make it appear to be illegal. Just like any product we purchase or download. It’s more or less the intent in what people use the product for.

      There are lots of people who are pretty savvy with software and they tend to know how to use the full potential of a product or service. I feel what makes Kodi so popular is their open-source aspect. This allows people to have access to some shows an movies that may not be a legal way to watch them.

      I personally don’t like to download anything if I don’t have to. Even though the product or service maybe great, it just can bring more problems than need be. Thanks for your thoughts and I hope I shed some light. Evelyn

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