Fun Facts About Streaming – The New Normal

There are plenty of reasons why people prefer streaming instead of using a service like cable or satellite. Some people use both. Some haven’t even thought about streaming.

With the internet, people are now finding out the norm is not really the normal.

Some of these facts are what we may call normal. Then, there are few reasons that may not be the norm, but are they? Yeah, we all have some weird habits and shouldn’t be ashamed of them. What is really “normal” anyway?


Save Money

Some people just want to save money. This doesn’t mean they can’t afford
cable or Satellite, but they don’t want to have another expense.

Streaming your shows or movies is cost effective since most people have high-speed internet and at least one TV in their home. A Product like Roku even gives that option for people to stream with an older TVs.

Not having the money for cable or Satellite is nothing to be ashamed of. Many of us go through financial difficulties. The great thing about streaming devices is that you pay a one-time fee for a device.

There are shows you can watch for free and not incur a monthly bill. You do need to have high-speed internet to do this, but this could be a reason why someone may choose to stream.

Too Lazy To Return Videos


Some of us don’t want to go to that Redbox and return those videos we were excited to rent when we left our favorite shopping center. Maybe we were waiting for someone and saw a movie we wanted to see and now we need to return it.

It could be a day that’s really cold and you just don’t want to do it. What causes people to get up and return those Redbox videos is that, if you don’t return it by a certain time, the fees add up.

Streaming helps with that. It’s easy to go to a place like Amazon Prime, choose the movie you want to watch, and when you’re done. there’s nothing to return.


I know we got DVRs for that. Back in the day my children would delete the show I saved. When it was time for me to continue where I left off, I go and look and it’s gone. I’d ask my children, what happen? I usually would get a blank stare and no answers.

My daughter would blame my son. My son being autistic and can’t defend himself wouldn’t even respond to me.  He couldn’t give me an answer, because he doesn’t communicate the same way as “normal” people do. I guess my daughter has an advantage there.

With streaming shows they can’t delete it. The show will be there when I have time to watch it. Now with this problem solved, my daughter can’t blame my son on on this one anyways.


What I mean by entitlements is watching what you want and when. I know we all have a little entitlement in all of us.

The more we can have the option to get what we want and when is something I’m sure we wouldn’t mind taking advantage of.

Of course, we are not going to get the latest episode of our favorite show that hasn’t aired yet, but there is a library of shows and movies we can watch when we want to. Not just what is displayed in our guide button on our remotes.

Lots Of Choices

I know I already talked about entitlements, but there is an endless amount of shows and movies to choose from. It could be a subscription you like to watch from YouTube. It’s all there for you to stream.


We are not talking about drinking here, we are talking about watching a full season in one day. Sometimes we just need to watch every episode to catch up. I’ve done this a few times myself.

I know those days where I get my favorite snacks and kick back and engorged myself on a full season of a show. It’s just a day where I want to just stay at home and enjoy a day of drama on TV.

Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures

We all got those shows we don’t want people to know we watch. It could be a cheesy reality show, a cartoon or a YouTube video.

It even could be one of those bad movies that you don’t want to admit you like. We all have them and don’t want to admit we like them. It’s okay because you’re not alone.


These are some fun facts that people like to stream rather than watch TV or movies on their cable or satellite services.

Lot’s of people are changing how they want to view their TV. The nice part is that people have options. That’s the best fact of them all.

Are there other facts that I missed or can you relate to any of these facts. Please be sure to let us know below.