Sling TV App Review – The A La Carte Service

I have sling TV and use it daily. I wanted to write a review on Sling TV’s service because I feel it is the closest service to cable.

If you’re streaming and want more of a cable feel, then Sling TV may be the service for you. There is some difference that STV (Sling TV) offers from the “cord type cable” so let me give you the full info within this Sling TV App Review.

What Is Sling TV?

Sling TV is an app that you can either download or comes with some smart TV’s or gadgets you may own.

More or less what Sling TV offer is a service for you to stream online that allows you to watch cable channels without paying the high cost that cable offers.

Before you get too excited, don’t get me wrong. it’s a great service, but you should keep reading because you should get the full details before you decide if it’s right for you.

Who Is It For?

  • If you’re streaming and haven’t found a service yet, you may want to consider STV.
  • If you’re not that into sports, then STV may be the right service for you.
  • If you love certain channels that are on sling TV’s guide such as Bravo, then STV may be right for you.
  • If you don’t watch too much TV, however you want a cable service then STV may be right for you.
  • If you just want something without paying hundreds of dollars to watch cable channels, then STV may be right for you.
  • If you want to select certain channels that you want to have, then STV may be right for you.
  • If you’re an ESPN fan, then STV may be right for you.
  • If you don’t have cable on one of your TV’s because you have too many TV’s in your house, then STV may be right for you.
  • If just want to have TV on your smartphone, then STV may be right for you.

If I left you out I’m sorry, let me know below and I will add it.

Is Sling TV Illegal TV?

Sling TV is owned by Dish Network. Dish realized that a lot of people are using the Internet to watch TV.

I guess you can say Dish is staying ahead of the game by allowing people to consider their options.

I personally feel that’s smart business tactics because with the growing number of smart TV’s out there and gadgets we can carry around, companies like Dish is not going to let their service go bankrupt by not staying in the game.

What Gadgets Does Sling Work On?

I’m sure all of us have at least one of these:

  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • XBOX One
  • AirTV
  • Androidtv
  • Smartphones
  • Computers

How Much Does It Cost?

There are different packages you can choose from.

  • Sling Orange starts you off at $20 a month for 30 channels
  • Sing Blue $25 a month 40 channels
  • Orange and Blue $40 a month 50 channels

These are the basic packages that you can select and on top of that there’s A La Carte of channels that may fit your lifestyle.

So let’s get into the channels so you can select which one fits your lifestyle because isn’t that what it is all about when you’re paying for a service, being able to filter the right services for you?

What Channels Does Sling TV Offer?

Before we begin with channels and the A La Carte, I want to point out that if you sift through the 160 channels you get with cable or satellite, a lot of the channels are paid infomercial type channels, channels that are in different languages that you may not speak and there are channels that you may never watch that you pay for.

You want bang for your buck so we are going to go through what you pay for and you can decide for yourself what works best for your lifestyle.

We are going to start with the packages and then go into the A La Carte.

Sing Orange channels

  • A&E
  • AMC
  • AXStv
  • BBC America
  • Bloomberg Television
  • CNN
  • Comedy Central
  • Cartoon Network
  • Cheddar
  • Disney Channel
  • ESPN along with 2 and 3
  • El Rey
  • Flama
  • Food Network
  • Freeform
  • Galavision
  • HGTV
  • History Channel
  • IFC
  • Lifetime
  • Local Now
  • Maker
  • Newsy
  • Polaris+
  • TBS
  • TNT
  • Travel Channel
  • Viceland

Sling Blue

  • BET
  • Bravo
  • E
  • Fox Select Markets
  • Fox sports Select Markets
  • FXX
  • FS1 and 2
  • FX
  • Nat Geo and Wild
  • NBC Select Markets
  • NBC SN
  • NFL Network
  • Nick Jr.
  • Syfy
  • truTV
  • UniMas
  • Univision
  • USA

Note: You get these in addition to Sling orange except, ESPN channels, Disney channel, and Free Form.

Sling Orange/Blue

You get all the channels that are within the orange and blue channels no channels are excluded.

Let’s get into the A La Carte

Broadcast Extra $5 a month

  • ABC
  • Univision
  • UniMas

Comedy Extra $5 a month

  • MTV
  • Spike TV
  • MTV2
  • CMT

Kids Extra $5 a month

  • Disney Junior
  • Nick Jr.
  • NickToons
  • Boomerang
  • BabyTV
  • TeenNick
  • Sling Kids
  • ducktv

I’m a mother and I feel this is enough channels for people who have children. When I grew up we only had Saturday cartoons, so I know for a fact that your children will be just fine if they don’t have a specific channel listed within Sling’s lineup, Lol.

Hollywood Extra $5 a month

  • epix
  • epix2
  • epix Hits
  • epix Drive-In
  • SundanceTV
  • Turner Classic Movies
  • HDNet Movies

Lifestyle Plus Extra $5 a month

  • VH1
  • E
  • Oxygen
  • Cooking Channel
  • WE TV
  • Lifetime Movie Network
  • Hallmark Movies
  • Vibrant TV
  • Mysteries
  • Z Living

News Extra $5 a month

  • CNBC
  • theblaze
  • BBC World News
  • HLNFusion
  • euronews
  • France 24
  • News18
  • NDTV 24×7
  • RT Network
  • CCTV-News

Movie Premium Channels

  • HBO $15 a month
  • Showtime $10
  • Cinemax $10
  • Starz $9 Note: Starz includes – Starz West, Starz Edge, Starz Comedy, Encore and Kids and Family

Sports Extra $10 a month

  • NFL RedZone
  • NBC TV
  • ESPN SEC Network
  • SEC Network+
  • Pac-12
  • NHL Network
  • Golf Channels
  • ESPN Goal Line
  • ESPN Bases Loaded
  • ESPN Buzzer Beater
  • Campus Insider
  • Outside Television
  • Motors TV North Am
  • Univision Deportes

I’m an NFL fan, streaming is probably the biggest downfall for NFL fans because of Dish Rival, Directv dominates the NFL because they have a contract with Directv using that NFL Sunday Ticket. (Rant)

I’m hoping someday the NFL will discontinue that contract. I feel that there are a lot of options the NFL can go with now that we are in a different era with the way people are watching TV.

We will just have to keep our fingers crossed on this one if you totally agree with me.

You can watch Some NFL games that are aired on the NFL network or ESPN along with using your digital antenna to watch a good portion of your teams.

If you’re into other sports that I’m not too familiar with, you may find these channels useful. It just depends on what types of sports you’re into.

Examples Of Sling’s A La Carte

Remember how I said how you can end up paying for channels you don’t watch, well with STV, you’re able to select a package that works within your lifestyle.

I know for myself I could see the value. To give you an example:

Let me list the prices again so you can just view here what I’m talking about:

  • Sling Orange $20 a month
  • Sling Blue $25 a month
  • Both Orange and Blue $40

The listed A La Carte is at an additional cost.

  • Broadcast Extra $5 a month
  • Comedy Extra $5 a month
  • Kids Extra $5 a month
  • Hollywood Extra $5 a month
  • Lifestyle Plus Extra $5 a month
  • News Extra $5 a month
  • HBO $15 a month
  • Showtime $10
  • Cinemax $10
  • Starz $9

The Orange plan only allow you to watch on one device, so if you only have one TV or device that may not be a problem for you.

The Blue plan you are able to watch on 3 devices simultaneously.

I like to watch Lifetime type shows along with sports, I got both Orange/Blue along with Lifestyle Plus for an additional $5 a month.

I feel that $45 a month is not a bad deal for all those channels.
If you’re a parent that have young kids, you may consider Sling Blue and Kids Extra and that’s $30 a month.

If you just like to watch HBO and the other channels you’re not too much into, you may want to consider Sling Orange because that’s the least expensive. HBO will cost $15 a month, that will end up costing $35 a month.

Those are a few examples on how Sling’s A La Carte can lower your TV Bill.

The Good And The Bad

There are some Good and some bad points I want to cover. So let’s start with the good.

  • I personally feel the price is just unbeatable.
  • You’re able to select a number of channels that you pay to watch rather than paying for extra channels that you never watch.
  • Streaming is fine for the most.
  • If you get the SlingTV Blue plan, it covers three TV’s within your household.
  • More or less TV is TV and streaming at a lower rate sure out beat paying for channels that cost more than double the price.
  • You can watch on demand
  • You’re able to pause and continue where you left off.
  • I feel you get more channels than any other streaming TV service out there so that makes it pretty cool.
  • No contracts

The Bad Points

  • Sometimes I experience buffering, it happens more often than with Cable TV. I would say it happens at least once a week. I purchased the highest speed coverage from my Internet service provider, but for me, I’m not bothered by it.
  • If you only get the Orange plan, that covers only one TV within your household, Yikes!
  • If you have a big family or like to have TV’s everywhere, three TV’s may not do it for you.
  • I can speak for myself, I had to get used to a new way of navigating Sling. What I mean by this is that with Cable, you pull out your remote and you get local channels and all that while you’re searching for channels. With streaming, you gotta get used to the way their platform is set up. Sling TV pretty much look like when you’re searching for movies to watch when you’re selecting shows or movies from your on demand platform. Everything goes from left to right and then you move up or down. It’s not difficult to navigate, however, it’s new way that I had to get use to.
  • No local channels, however, you can get a Digital Antenna, especially if you’re into you local news.
  • Some channels are just available on demand without the option of watching live TV.

Sling TV Perks

I also want to add that if you’re a cable subscriber, most likely you’re under some sort of contract two year contract.

With STV you just buy and go, if you cancel then that’s it. You don’t have to pay some kind of penalty for leaving.

Premium movie channels such as HBO, you will occasionally get for free, similar to how cable does their promos to get you to order more channels, Lol.

Sling TV offers a free week to check out their service before you pay a dime.

To Wrap This UP

I must say, you have options that are pretty cool.

Some of you may not be ready to dive in and cut the cord, while some of you probably already cut the cord and are now looking at your options.

Sling TV is an option. You’re able to watch live TV and then select a variety of A La Carte services that can fit your lifestyle.

If you are unsure about Sling, I would suggest checking out Sling TV for free and then you can decide for yourself to either move on or start streaming from home.

=== > Here is where you can start streaming with Sling TV!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

You’re also free to share this article with anyone you feel may have the need to stream, thanks!